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The spread of nuclear weapons - is more better, With reference to the Essay

The fan out of nuclear weapons - is more better, With reference to the post-Cold War world, critically discuss the argument that nuclear weapons bring perceptual constancy - Essay ExampleHowever, for the most part, it seems that countries pursuance nuclear weapons are looking for safety and security and in some ways it target bring stability to a region where the threat of conventional contend is high.It must be noted that the stability brought by nuclear weapons is often a tense stability since nations who have such weapons tout the strategic or defensive capabilities of nuclear arms. That in itself is perhaps a misnomer since these countries maintain that they would only use such weapons if their security is threatened (Paulikas, 2006). In this regard, LaFranchi (2006) suggests that some developed nations toilette be considered smart enough to possess nuclear weapons with the restraint which comes along with their possession as a responsibility. However, Carter (2006) mainta ins that those countries which currently have the bomb should not seek to distribute it to others since it would only ready higher levels of proliferations and create greater instability.Iran and North Korea are primary examples under the topic since Korea has gone nuclear and shown the world that it does have the power to stand up to America. On the other hand, Iran is actively seeking nuclear weapons and continues to defy international bodies as well as western nations in its wait for nuclear armaments (Cortright, 2006). However, the way the case of Iran has been handled by the international community led by the United States is quite different from the case of North Korea (Palmer and Palmer, 2004). It can be shown that while North Korea obtained a higher level of stability through their bomb, Irans search for nuclear weapons and the resulting reaction of western nations could destabilise the region tremendously.It seems that the essential difference between Iran and North Kore a is seeking and having weapons. Countries which are seeking nuclear technology may be handled differently from those who confess to have it in their arsenal. Kilgore (2007) suggests that Iran

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The effect of family eldercare responsibilities on labour market Research Proposal - 1

The effect of family eldercare responsibilities on labour market interestingness in South Africa and Canada - Research plan ExampleGerontological research nowadays has placed emphasis more often on trends of family or informal care for the elderly in less developed countries Without the basic social services and assistant the vulnerable elderly in LDCs are a group exposed to significant risk. Nevertheless, according to Williams (2000), at present, majority of empirical findings indicate that a significant portion of the elderly population in ontogeny countries depends on their own job or their families as their sole protection at later intent periods. One important variable in the subject matter of family elder care is the participation yard of women in the labour force. Globally, the proportion of women in the work force grew significantly between 1970 and 1990 not including sub-Saharan Africa and ex-USSR where it dropped to some extent (Mueller 2000, 2). Former USSR, sub-Sah aran Africa, Eastern and Southeast Asia have the highest rates whereas Southern and western sandwich Asia and North Africa have the lowest (Mueller 2000, 2-3). The rate of womens labour force involvement may be indicative of the level of eldercare responsibility placed on women. A. Objective of the Research This training will leaven to compare the influence of family eldercare on the labour market, specifically the involvement of women in the work force, of South Africa (developing country) and Canada (developed country). It is the accusative of this assume to contribute to the insufficient understanding of the impact of informal or family care of the elderly on the composition of the labour market in developing and developed nations. B. Research Questions The primary question that this study will try to answer is what is the effect of family eldercare on the labour market of South Africa and Canada? More specifically, this study will attempt to address the following questions a . Do women feel or think that they are more obliged to take care of the elderly in their families than their male counterparts? b. What is the typical age at which working women initially take up obligations of eldercare? c. Do women decide to leave the work force if the obligation of pity for the elderly becomes onerous? C. Significance of Research Even though extensive consideration has been conferred over the new-fashioned years to the difficult endeavour of building equal status for men and women in the labour market, on that point have been comparatively very few methodical attempts to evaluate or measure the effect of family or informal eldercare obligations on males and females employment prospects, in that case, of labourers generally. Hence, this study hopes to give explanation of the implications for labour force involvement of choices made by women to assume eldercare responsibilities. II. Review of Related Literature Because of the dearth of available literature on t he impact of family eldercare responsibilities on the labour market of South Africa and China the researcher will present in this section piecemeal information about ageing and the labour market of each of the two aforementioned(prenominal) countries. The next section will generally discuss the implication of family eldercare obligations on the labour market of twain developing and developed countries. Nevertheless, it is important, above all, to discuss first the theoretical foundation of this study. A. Theoretical Paradigm In conceptualising the labour market in the perspective of the family, time distribution frameworks are suitable. The influential work

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Development Strategy of Dupont International Management Essay

Development outline of Dupont International Management - Essay ExampleIts various trademarks are found in many consumers as well as industrial products so that DuPont per se has become or has been related to household products carpets, upholstery, containers, expression and other items used in the daily basis. Already, words like durability and quality are habituated to the brand name or trademark. But it does not only take quality products to make a name such as DuPont. As acknowledged in their website, DuPont has employed innovation in nearly aspects of its global operations emphasizing several areas such as competing globally sharpening its headache focus change magnitude productivity committing to safety, health, and environmental excellence empowering people, capitalizing on its strong corporate and product brand franchises and continuing to last its significant science and technological achievement. Already, focus on core competencies was acknowledged where DuPont build c ompetitive business advantage such as a 1993 transaction that disposed of DuPonts acrylic business piece of music acquiring ICIs nylon business. Cost-reduction and improving productivity were also cited as DuPonts strategic moves in the nineties when most companies either are emerging or closing down, allowing flexibility for competitive pricing and emergence market share and earning. The 90s also saw vigorous expansion overseas with new plants in Spain, Singapore, mainland China and China coupled with a major technical server in Japan, a move that make up critics could easily detect not only as competitive but innovative.

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Customer service assignment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Customer service assignment - grounds Study Examplet an ambience to its customers, which not only helps the customer in enjoying the drinks and meals but similarly helps in the eating house in gaining goodwill. In order that the restaurant is able to satisfy the customer and re-invite them in future, it is very important that restaurant is able to market itself in an effective manner. Traditionally, four Ps argon considered of prime importance for an enterprise to market itself. The marketing mix is thus known to comprise of1 Product, Price, come out of the closet and Promotion. Though Ahmed might be offering the best products at reasonable prices, but in this case, what seems to be lacking is the promotion. Promotion doesnt necessarily mean coming out with advertisement in reinvigoratedspapers or commercials in television or radio. But, a satisfied customer can often prove to be an effective ambassador of the product or service. A well behaved customer care executive or salespe rson can besides help in assisting the good word about the business entity. The restaurant must not only be looking at tangible benefits, but intangible benefits also prove to be of immense importance towards the success of the venture. For example, intangible benefits like goodwill and brand honor can only be strengthened with a pro-active attitude from the employees and customers.It needs to be emphasized hither that engaging the customer and informing him or her about the products or services on offer is passing important for them to make a choice. There might be regular customers fully aware about the products, but even those customers love to get pleasant surprises in the form of new dishes or new schemes. Being un prosperous is certainly an unpardonable act towards the customers. Therefore, in order that the observed shortcomings can be done away with and employees behave in a professional manner and prove to be friendly for the customers, they need to be trained. The rule of thumb in customer service is that whosoever comes in contact with the customer, is vatic to

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Managerial leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Managerial leadership - Assignment Exampleee struggle refers to increasing the motivation, and enthusiasm of employees, so that they be absorbed in their realise, they make meaningful contributions to improve the scat processes, and take they take positive action to increase the work level quality (Menguc, 2013, p. 2164). Organisations with higher levels of employee meshwork experience high employee involvement in the work processes (Truss, 2013, p. 2659). Consequently, such organisations outperform other similar firms, where employees work to the rule (Mone, 2014, p. 43). This paper examines the role of leadership in increasing the level of employee engagement, the methods, and drivers to increase the engagement and examines all-important(prenominal) predictors, intellectual, social, and emotional capital, which helps to achieve higher employee engagement.While employee engagement, and a motivated workforce, that takes on tautological responsibilities, while volunteering for extra work is desirable, the main task for the leadership is to obtain and channelize the employee interest and motivation, so that the organisation objectives are met (Saks & Gruman, 2013, p. 158). The second task of directing and centeringsing employee motivation to meet organisation objectives is facilitated by using organize work allocation, problem identification, brainstorming, group watchwords, suggestion box, discussion forums, and by using work collaboration bundle (Shantz, 2013, p. 2613). However, the first task of motivating the staff, and increasing employee engagement is more challenging (Guest, 2013, p. 223), and, this topic remains the focus of this paper. This section critically reviews the literature on the subject of leadership responsibility and increasing employee engagement.In the discussion of employee engagement, three contexts become important, and these are intellectual, social, and emotional capital (Mone, 2014, p. 161). Intellectual capital refers to t he intellectual property of an organisation, and it has 2 components

Professional career goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Professional troubleer aspirations - Essay ExampleTo be an acute care nurse practitioner, I will need to complete my Bachelors in Science horizontal surface first before applying and being accepted into a Masters program. My short term goal is to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in care for.I prepared myself to succeed in the Associates story program in nursing and the Bachelor of Science in nursing programs at The California read University in Los Angeles by taking classes at a community college because I graduated a nursing school a long sentence ago. To achieve my goal, I need to effectively use time management skills. I am a student, an employee and a daughter, who needs to take care of a mother. To do well in my three roles, I need to prioritize my time and at this point a personal life is of less importance as I concentrate on my education and donnish goals. If I succeed in time management and time distribution, I will succeed in the ADN to BSN bridge

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Value of IT to Richer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Value of IT to Richer - Essay typeIt is important to mention that large firm considers information technology to have strategic set and is utilize for attaining or realizing long term strategies of firms. The case of Richter to a fault reflects the same. The aim to privatize the physical composition was realized by means of the implementation of the SAP financial module of an enterprise wide system. The success of the strategy to privatize the organization depended largely on the accuracy of financial information collected. The decision to implement SAP depicts the true value of IT that Richter held in realizing its long term goal to privatize. One of the strategic objectives of Richter was to increase revenues and reduce costs of the company. This ask greater focus on materials focal point and production planning do workes. It is seen that the major large organizations are fitted to increase efficiencies of their production processes and materials management processes throu gh the implementation of IT infrastructure. Similarly, the installation of MM module or the materials management module and the PP module or the production planning module was intended to bring about cleverness enhancement and productivity improvement in the organization. This was complimented with the establishment of a decision support system consisting of deuce production experts through whom doubts could be clarified, regarding data, definitions, procedures or information retrieval. The role of IT in improving revenues and costs also shows its value in Richter in meeting long term goals. Although installing the two production modules concern a cost of $2.12 million which comprised of an investment of $775,000 in equipments and $1.35 million on labour expenses. However, the employment of the subjective IT staff saved the organization an amount of $525,000. Governance styles in employ at Richter The case of Richter reflects the use of value based style of IT governance. The op erational approach to IT governance describes governance as being wise(p) activity having its own artifacts and lifestyles. The value based IT governance style is based on the approach that want outcomes can only be achieved through value based decisions. It tries to reject unnecessary activities and focuses more on high value projects. The value based style of IT governance begins from Richters decision making process regarding all the governance issues with beginning of the strategic plan of the company (CGI, CGIs approach to driving occupation value within managed services engagements). The plan was aimed to involve all IT specialists within the organization as wellhead as the IT mangers. The plan was primarily meant to focus on how IT could provide support to the business processes in the pharmaceutic company by stipulating the maintenance projects, investments along with changes in the staffing requirements and IT infrastructures. The IT governance includes the four stages of planning, implementing, managing and assessing. The planning stage needs involves identifying the governance requirement needs such as the meeting of compliance needs, adherence to policies, enhancing business value and meeting the service levels. The planning process in Richter begins with communication with the IT leaders about the infrastructural issues in the sociable

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LAW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

LAW - Essay ExampleSince the incident took place at a public event and there argon a number of center of attention witnesses out of whom there are two adults the statements can be corroborated to see if they match in case of any doubts regarding the childrens eye witness accounts of the occurring( voice 4(7)(g) legislation for confidential information Prosecutors). Furthermore post emergency doctors reports can be used as supporting evidence to ascertain section 4(7)(k) Code for cover Prosecutors. The evidence has been pull together in the normal course of investigation therefore it is safe to presume its admissibility get out not be an issue also (section 4(7)(a) Code for Crown Prosecutors). Though section 4(11) of the Code may seem to be satisfied where sufficiency of evidence is concerned but it remains to be considered whether public interest will be served in prosecuting Mr. Eric assessing the balance scale between factors tending in favor (section 4(16) Code for Crown Pro secutors) and against(section 4(17) Code for Crown Prosecutors) a prosecution. ... Though an out of court garbage disposal may be considered if section 4(16)(b) of the Code can be satisfied and that it can be ascertained that Erics offence was credibly a one off incident induced by his intoxicated state (section 4(16)(e)) and that Fred is accepting or unaffected by the decision not to prosecute. As Fred has suffered serious jaw injury which is likely to enquire a minor or intrusive surgery causing him physical and mental distress (section 4(16)(g) Code for Crown Prosecutors) is of importance whether Erics monetary compensation if any satisfies Freds sense of due judge (section 4(16)(i) Code for Crown Prosecutors). As only in exceptional circumstances an out of court disposal by way of a simple caution is offered for indictable offences (section 7(5) Code for Crown Prosecutors) and a qualified caution may only be considered if after accounting for the victims and communitys inte rest it would serve no purpose to prosecute (section 7(2) Code for Crown Prosecutors). Based on the facts provided Erics state of intoxication at a childrens sporting event makes the presumption of an assessment in his favor extremely unlikely, thus balancing the arguments and counter-arguments the decision to prosecute is the plausible outcome (section 7(8) Code for Crown Prosecutors). 2. The issue in respect of this question requires an analysis on the arrest and its lawfulness in respect of PACE 1984. Since Martin was merely a store detective section 24A Police and Criminal consequence accomplishment 1984 , which is relevant to the facts at hand, will be discussed. Section 24A Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 provides for

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Intercultural Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Intercultural - Essay warningIt defines and shapes their society and so it is plays a key role.Ladies and gentlemen, I call to say Russia has pleasing and often exceeding cuisine and recipes. People in Russia have their own ideas regarding what and how to eat. Russians like to consume home- makeed food, and they rarely buy pay off meals at supermarkets.Allow me at this point to say something about festivals in Russia, particularly Maslenitsa. Maslenitsa is a keen Russian holiday which refers you back to the times of pagan. During this festival, kids make themselves busy by playing games while the elders cook huge stacks of pancakes. The festival also consists of snowball fights, riding on swings, masquerades, sledding, and sleigh rides. In the festival, insure of Maslenitsa is also burnt to usher in spring and return of the sun.Russia is really cold especially the northerly part during winters. The average winter temperature never falls below -15 degrees Celsius. However, as yo u approach the south, Russian temper gets warmer. It is warm--even hot-- in the central part of Russia, which makes it promising for a worthy harvest of grain, vegetables, and fruit.Ladies and gentlemen, with that short speech, I wish to end by saying Russia has wonderful culture and a nice weather, which in a counsel explains Russians ability to endure extreme hardship and harsh

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FIDM Museum & Galleries Launched its 23rd Annual Art of Motion Picture Assignment

FIDM Museum & Galleries Launched its 23rd Annual Art of Motion exposure Costume Design - Assignment ExampleThe Managing Director of FIDM Museum & Galleries, Collins Parker has said that Artists who want to showcase their produce should never miss this opportunity since they will get the chance to interact with their targeted customers to attract them to their products. He come on states that Being the largest promoter in the arts and fashion industries, FIDM Museum & Galleries is always on the prowl head hunting for talent. Essentially, the main idea behind the exhibition is to promote the appendage and development of the arts industry.The exhibition seeks to score a mutually beneficial relationship among all the exhibitors so that they can continue to participate in similar events in the future. The artists will come face to face with their consumers and they can exchange valuable information that can help them develop their talent and skills. The aim is also to inspire the ar tists to be creative in their work. It is anticipated that this exhibition will go a long way in stimulating growth in the arts

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Dollar Decline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Dollar Decline - Essay pillowcaseTHESIS STATEMENT The essay intends to describe the impact, which is imposed by ancestry in the purchasing origin of a long horse over the individuals and their respective families. Additionally, it provides the measures that can be adopted in order to beleaguer the declining purchasing reason. Moreover, the essay would withal reveal the steps that ar adopted by the national leading such as the politicians to mitigate the problem of declined purchasing bureau of a dollar. HOW IS THIS DECLINE IN THE purchasing POWER OF A DOLLAR IMPACT YOU AND OR YOUR FAMILY? With respect to the decline in the value of dollar, the citizens of the US volition be facing adequate challenges in relation to their purchasing power as the prices of commodities leave behind increase due to rise in the rate of imported commodities. Specially mentioning, the unemployment rate will also augment due to increased rate of import price for industrial sector, which will unf avorably print the life of hatful by a certain degree. It may further lead to scarcity in food products. In this regard, it can be comprehended that a decline in the value of dollar will lead to price inflation and the purchasing power of the people will decrease. ... Thus, decline in the value of dollar will imbalance the economy in relation to trading activities and investments among others. In this regard, a decline in the value of dollar will adversely affect people and their family with increased goodness price and deprived living standards (Feldstien, The Declining Dollar Hammer, 7 Economic Consequences of a Dollar Collapse). WHAT freighter YOU DO, FROM A PRACTICAL DAY TO DAY STANDPOINT, TO COMBAT THIS DECLINE IN PURCHASING POWER? The decline in the value of dollar will led to inflation and eventually would decrease the purchasing power of the people. In this regard, the people in order to address or to combat such declining purchasing power are required to devise certain appropriate strategies along with plans. In this situation, people having investments in the deport markets should reinvest and convert those in valuable assets that include gold and silver among others in order to preserve their wealth. Additionally, the people can also seek towards converting dollar in certain other currency. In this regard, people are required to plan their income in accordance with their respective budgets in order to maintain a stripped living standard under such inflationary conditions. Moreover, monetary credit operations ought to be minify in order to maintain financial stability. Respectively, people with adequate savings and stabilized financial conditions will be facilitated with the opportunity of maintaining their living standards and most vitally combating decline in purchasing power (Mehalko, defend Purchasing Power in Inflationary and Deflationary Environments). In order to combat against the decline in purchasing power, people can invest more in real along with

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Db5 hhrr Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Db5 hhrr - Research Paper ExampleThis involves removing the employee from the organizations list of workers. This form of punishment should be used only when the mistake done by an employee is grave or when they pass on been warned about their mistakes severally. still another punishment that employers can impose on employees is suspension (hr.ubc.ca, 2013). As opposed to termination, when an employee is suspended, they are relived of their duties and reserve to enjoy some of the benefits and privileges they previously enjoyed temporarily.The employer can in addition demote an employee for the mistakes they commit. When an employee is demoted, they lose some of the privileges they previously enjoyed and have their pay cut. This type of disciplinary action is also severe and should be reserved for serious cases. instead of issuing such weighty disciplinary actions against an employee, an employer may issue a exemplification to an errant employee. The warning should carry weight and should serve to deter the employee from engaging in further inappropriate activities. Warnings should always be issued privately and should be accompanied by counselling aimed at instigating improved performance (entrepreneur.com, 2013). An employee can also be assigned an unpleasant task as a disciplinary action (hr.ubc.ca,

Storytelling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Storytelling - Essay ExampleIn her opinion, bullies are the weak ones since if they need to intimidate smaller, weaker slew to feel big then they must feel really small deep inside.One trading floor truly reminds me of how protective my friend is was when she confronted a group of bullies at my high school called the cabal. This so called crew was an egotistical group of hormonal boys whose job was to tear good deal down. These boys thought that they were the cool kids by only if showing their strength. However, school is non a place to be the fashionable, but a place to embark on an education and one day when these boys started pushing around an invalid boy around the hallway, it was the last stalk for her. She immediately confronted the boys and told them to pick on roughlyone their own size. Being a senior at the time, the boys were saliva tied they listened to her rebuke their actions. One of the bullies tried to talk down to her, but at the moment a large crowd had ga thered behind her and they were all supporting her actions. This quite interesting because several people were fed up with the constant bullying that occurred. Only through Clairs protective nature was the savant fraternity able to fight off bullies in the school. From that day on, Clair took it upon herself to ensure that no one in the school compound is bullied again. The entire student fraternity was extremely grateful for her efforts (Gottschall 1).It is vital to note that Clair is not only protective when it comes to physical abuse, but also tries to protect her friends and family from emotional hurt. Whenever something wrong happens in your life, Clair go away be the first person to call you to ensure that you are doing fine. We have all experienced some hardships in our lives and what if there was a way for you to avoid these hardships wouldnt you be grateful? Of course you would and your outcome to such

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European policy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

European form _or_ system of government - Case Study ExampleThe period was marked by five Arab-Israeli wars, the crucial 1 being, the six-day war in June 1967 when Israel occupied the Syrian Golan Heights, the Jordanian West-Bank, and the Egyptian Sinai Desert, including the Gaza Strip.From the time that Britain withdrew from the Middle East in the years after WWII, the presence and influence of the erstwhile European colonial powers in that region has been minimal. however that influence and power have been replaced by the US, with sporadic inroads seek to be made by Russia every on its own initiatives or on invitation one or the other of some Arab states. One rendering why this happened was that the Europeans had developed a mindset after all that had happened in WW II that it was in their absorb to accept the United States as their common leader.2However, for some years during the period of the Cold War, France sought to follow somewhat of a lonely foreign policy. France had warned Israel against going to war against the Arabs in 1967, even though de Gaulle had ripe personal relations with Israels Ben-Gurion. What may be termed a French Arab policy had taken shape a few years earlier, at the end of the Algerian war in 1962. In the Arab-Israeli war of 1967, state-supported opinion in the West had been sympathetic to and generally supportive of Israel. So, Frances warning to Israel before the 1967 war and criticism after it had particularly endeared France to the Arab world. However, de La Gorce states that this Arab policy of France -if it could be called as such was in fact merely the tenacious extension of de Gaulles overall foreign policy and his encouragement of states not wanting to belong to either of the cardinal major blocs.3 Thus Frances approach to Arab-Israeli confrontation was far removed from that of the other members of the European community. France was, of course, of the prognosis that unconditional endorsement of Israels animosity would only prolong the conflict but would also help to set ahead build up the intensity of frustration and consequent violence. But France was not able to influence the policy or to exert any significant impact on other European states from altering their status vis--vis the Arab states.The oil shock of 1973Frances approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict thus was an isolated one in Europe - but only until October 1973. In October 1973 the Arab oil producing states raised oil prices by 500% and imposed an oil embargo, which shocked the western world. The European states were shaken out their smugness in relation to the Arab world and forced to think anew. The European community members met the aforementioned(prenominal) month and called for a political settlement of the Arab-Israeli problem, including the Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories since 1967 and acknowledging the rights of the Palestinian people. The nine Member States of the European Community issued a state ment on November 6, 1973 that referred to UN resolution 242 and mentioned the legitimate rights

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Marketing Journal Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing daybook - Personal Statement ExampleIt enables me to appreciate the well-crafted marketing strategy of Starbucks instead of just branding it as a specialty cocoa retailer focused on bringing cups of coffee in the market. I now see that the success of Starbucks is due to its well orchestrated and comprehensive marketing strategy. It provides that Starbucks experience by having good ambiance, good coffee, and good baristas. I would have to say that I appreciate its quest in using green coffee allowing it to help small farmers whose main livelihood is producing organically grown coffee which are consumed by Starbucks clients. I like the companys effort in ensuring that beans are green and ethical as this add value to their products. As a discriminating customer, I would gladly pay a grant for a product which is manufactured by a socially responsible business organization idea that I am not just having a good product but is also given up the opportunity and reach out to o therwise people through my purchases.I believe that marketing has a good impact in us. ... Marketing is not bad in itself. Marketing just responds to our acclivitous needs noting that the success of a campaign is dependent on our responsiveness. Thus, I believe the harm that it earth-closet inflict on individuals and society is dependent on our acceptance of it. The prevalence of corporate social state as a good way of marketing a business organization is good for the society. As we customers pass over to prefer products which are made by socially responsible manufacturers and service providers, we also continue to urge companies to give back to the society that they operate in. The greater participation of companies in livelihood, educational, and financial exploitation of less privileged societies just shows how marketing helps the economy and society as a whole. Through marketing, we take a leak informed of what companies do and how they contribute to sustainable developmen t.For me, the most important issue that companies should focus on in this time is the current economic slowdown. Recognizing that it is affecting all nations both developed and developing, companies should seek to minimize the squander of economic recession by helping in their own ways. This can be done by directly intervening in nations where help is needed. Another is through keeping their workers and focusing on other cost-cutting initiatives. I think it will be illogical to focus on environmental concerns at this put time when our problem is in economic sustenance. I will be very much rejoicing to see business organizations coordinating with government and other institutions in making the economic recession more bearable for everyone in the globe. This is an urgent matter and a business organization which calls

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Organ Donation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Organ Donation - Research Paper ExampleFirst and well-nigh of all, one the most important implications that organ donation has is saving life. Indeed, if one takes a brief meet at the statistics, one will be able see that the good which can be do is tremendous. For example, a single organ that is extracted from the body of a person who is dead is able to safe cardinal people (All About Donation). This is quite an astonishing statistics since given the number of organs that a person is able to donate after death, one single person may save up to fifty people. It is preferably obvious that a death of a single person is a tragedy, plainly if it is able to result the continuation of lives of numerous people, the former gains a new sound to it. That is why a person who donates ones organs as basically a hero who saves many lives. another(prenominal) point which should be noted is that the issues of organ donation and saving lives might be viewed from a rather surprising point of vie w. Thus, one can hardly disagree that life is the best gift that a person can receive. However, in the course of out daily routine people tend to stuff about it and that being alive for granted. Moreover, the ability to give life is largely thought to be cryptical and is often attributed to deities. In addition to that, if a person could chose what one would like to receive as the eventual(prenominal) gift, one would definitely choose being immortal.

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History of Black Nurses Essay Example for Free

History of desolate Nurses Essay educate schools for students who wanted to pursue a pull offer in nurse came ab come come out of the closet of the closet in the 1800s when Florence Nightingale advocated the idea. The moreover students that were accepted into these programs where albumin students, total darknesss were non allowed any teaching method during this time. Blacks were not accustomed able unspoileds as the white people, and were denied the right on to have an education.There were many glum materialisation women who were very relateed in nursing, and were employ to pursue their dream, and wouldnt stop trying until they were given tally rights and accepted into these nursing programs. Some stark women would personify along with the inglorious soldiers in the civic War and interpret consider to these wounded soldiers, as good as provide food, and to a fault teach them to read and right. The first school of nursing was formed later two grisly men in Chicago, Illinois won the support of their community, and made a hospital out of a small brick building. The fatal people also came together to form the National Association of sullen Graduate Nurses, an organization formed to protect the black nursing profession, and to stop unlikeness towards them.History of Black Nurses During the early 1800s nursing was mainly caring for the sick by family members or slaves. Nurses provided care in homes, and when innovation War I and II came about, accommodates were sent off to provide care to the wounded soldiers. There was not a trained outline for nurses to learn and supercharge experience in the profession, so all of the care that the sick were provided was by untrained nurses. It wasnt until Florence Nightingale recognized the idea of providing a trained, organized system for nurses to learn before they worked as a maestro nurse. Many schools arose out of her idea, until now white students were notwithstanding accepted into t hese nursing schools, blacks were not accepted. Black people were not given equal rights as the whites, and were denied the right for education and were therefore, denied acceptance into these nursing programs.bloody shame Eliza Mah aney was born to Charles and Mary Jane Mahoney in 1845, in Boston, Massachusetts. She began to show an interest in nursing when she was a teenager, and worked at the New England hospital for Women and Children as an unofficial nurse aid, a cook, janitor, and washerwoman. When she was thirty-three old age old, she was accepted to a nursing program. as one of forty-two, being the only black student, (Hines, 2004). Although she had to deal with racial discrimination and long hours of lectures and patient care, she made it to the end of the program as one of four. In 1879, she gradational from the New England Hospital for Women and Children in Boston, making her the first black professional nurse in the united States.After Mary Mahoney graduated from nurs ing school, she worked mainly as a cloistered province nurse for the next thirty years. Her work became widespread as a hugger-mugger duty nurse. Her patients loved her calmness, and professionalism, and she began receiving requests from different states, (Haltey, 2010). After working for private duty for thirty years, Mahoney overt a director of an orphanage in Long Island, New York, and remained there for the next ten years. In 1908, she became a cofounder to the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, (Hines, 2004).Mary Mahoney became an inspiration to many black women lacking to pursue a career in nursing. She fought through discrimination, as well as the pressures of nursing school, and graduated with a nursing degree. She helped to open the door for the black population that wanted to live a professional nurse and vest an end to the discrimination.Susie King Taylor was born a slave in 1848 on the Grest family put up in Georgia. When Susie was seven years old he r owner, Mr. Grest, allowed her to move to Savannah with her Grandm opposite who had been previously freed by him, (MacLean, 2007). Susie was denied education because she was black , however, her Grandmother would not let this stop her from becoming educated. Susie was sent next door to the dwell who taught her how to read and write for the next two years, and after she learned this, she was sent to a fewer other people to become educated.At 14 years old, Susie was taken by boat by essence Soldiers to St. Simons Island. Here she met her future husband, Edward King, an army sergeant. She worked with the First Regiment of southerly Carolina Volunteers, which was made up of slaves, who had been freed by the Union Army. Susie was asked to start a school for children on St. Simons Island, and she willingly agreed. Susie taught about forty children, and she also taught adults at night. (MacLean, 2007).In 1863, Susie traveled with her husbands regiment. She became the first black nurse during the Civil War, and helped to care for wounded soldiers. During her off hours she taught the soldiers how to read and write, and also cooked and laundered for them. She wrote in her diary about the nursing shortages during the war, and was happy to provide nursing care to the sick soldiers. She continue to religious service as a nurse until the war cease in 1865. (MacLean, 2007).When the war was over, her and her husband moved to Savannah, Georgie. In 1866 she opened a school for freed black children. in brief after the school opened, and Susie gave birth to her son, her husband Edward King passed away. In the 1870s, Susie moved to Boston and remarried nine years later. She also sticked and became chair of the Womens Relief Corps, which was an acquaintance for the Veterans of the Civil War.After being asked by the Womens Relief Corps, as well as the Army, she agreed to write an autobiography about her experiences during the war. In 1902, Susie King Taylor published her autobiography, Reminiscneces of my Life in Camp A Black Womans Civil War Memoirs, (MacLean, 2007). In 1902, Susie received a letter from the commanding officer in the First South Carolina volunteers stating, I most sincerely regret that through a technicality you are barred from having your strike placed on the roll of pensioners, as an Army nurse for among all the number of heroic women whom the establishment is now rewarding, I know of no one more deserving than yourself, (MacLean, 2007).Adah Thoms was born in 1870 in Richmond, Virginia. Before she pursued a nursing career, she attended school studying elocution and speech at cooper Union. Shorty after, she attended the Womens Infirmary and School of Therapeutic Massage and graduated in 1900. She was the only black woman of thirty students, (White, 2010). She also attended the Lincoln Hospital and Home School of Nursing. After graduating she became friend superintendent of nurses at the Lincoln Hospital and Home School of Nursi ng for eighteen years. During her years there, she added some other course to the nursing curriculum, public health, and made public health a recognized field of nursing, (White, 2010).Adah Thoms helped with Martha Franklin, and Mary Mahoney to organize the National Association for Colored Graduate Nurses, and was appointed as its first treasurer, and was later president of the organization for seven years. She was also very dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for black nurses, and worked hard to try and secure these rights. Thoms worked with the chairmen of the American Red Cross to convince the Surgeon General to allow black nurses to enroll in the Army Nurse Corps, (White, 2010). Black women would enlist to try and serve as nurses during World War I, however the Surgeon General refused to let any black nurses serve. Eighteen black women were eventually accepted to serve as nurses during WWI due to the nursing shortages, and were only allowed to provide care to black soldi ers. (White, 2010).Thoms was recognized for her dedication to obtaining equal rights for black nurses. She added to the nursing curriculum, served in the NAGCN as treasurer and president, worked with the Red Cross to campaign for equal rights of black nurses, and opened the door for nurses to serve in the military. For her bravery and commitment, she was the first to receive the Mary Mahoney award when it was accomplished in 1936, and was also inducted into the American Nursing Hall of Fame in 1976, (White, 2010)Mabel Keaton Staupers was born in 1890, in Barbados. In 1903 she moved with her family to the United States, and made a home in Harlem. She graduated from Freedmans Hospital School of Nursing in Washington, DC in 1917, and began her nursing career as a private duty nurse. In 1920, she collaborated with Dr. Louis T. Wright, and Dr. James Wilson, to organize the Booker T. Washington Sanatorium, which was the first facility in Harlem where black doctors could treat black patie nts, (American Nurses Association, 2010). In 1922 she was assigned to create a survey for the Harlem area for the health inevitably of the community. With the results of this survey, the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association was organized, and Mabel Staupers was the first Executive Secretary, and kept this position for the next twelve years, (American Nurses Association, 2010).In 1934, Mabel was appointed as the first nurse executive of the NACGN. During this time she began a campaign for nurses to gain integration into the Armed Forces Nurses Corps, and by 1941 black nurses were allowed into the Army, but not with full integration, and the US navy continued to prevent black nurses from enrolling. Staupers gained the help of Eleanor Roosevelt, who was first lady at the time, and wrote a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt to recognize black nurses. With support from the public, the Army and Navy both accepted black nurses by January, 1945, (American Nurses Association, 2010).Mab el Staupers is recognized for ending the discrimination of colored nurses, and allowing the colored nurses full integration into the Armed Forces Nurses Corps. She was appointed president of the NACGN in 1949, and the association voted itself out in 1951, and merged with the American Nurses Association after their goal of full professional integration had been met. In 1951, Staupers was given the award for the Spingarn Medal from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and published an autobiography in 1961 called, No Time for Prejudice A Story of the Integration of Negroes in Nursing in the United States, (American Nurses Association, 2010).The first school of nursing for blacks was formed in 1891 in Chicago Illinois, (Provident Hospital History, 2010). Emma Reynolds was a young black women trying to gain an education to pursue a career in nursing. She applied to nursing schools in Chicago, and had been denied by everyone, for the simple fact that she was a black woman. Her brother was Reverend Louis Reynolds, who felt that something should be done so that black women could be educated in nursing. He sought help from a respected black surgeon in Chicago, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. The two of them gained support from their community, many blacks, and a few white citizens. They were given donations of supplies, equipment, and financial support. The Armour Meat Packing Company had secured a down recompense on a three story brick house with twelve beds, that they turned into the first school of nursing for blacks, Provident Hospital, (Provident Hospital History, 2010).Many black nurses have made history as they were struggling for equal rights for their profession. During this struggle, the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses was formed in 1908, (Massey, 1993). The founder of this association was Martha Franklin, with cofounders Mary Eliza Mahoney, and Adah Thoms. This association was founded to fight discrimination towards bla ck people who wanted an education in nursing, as well as being a part of the American Nurses Association.The association fought long and hard for their rights as equals, and led campaigns across the United States. One of its biggest achievements was successfully fighting for full integration of black nurses into the Armed Forces Nurses Corps. After black nurses were allowed to serve in the US Army and Navy, they were also allowed full integration into the ANA. After this association gained their right to become educated in nursing, be a part of the nurses in the US Army and Navy, and join the ANA, they voted their selves out and merged with the American Nurses Association in 1951, (Massey, 1993).The black population in the 1800s were not given equal rights as the white population. They were denied many rights, and education was one of them. Many brave women struggled to fight to put an end to discrimination, and to be able to pursue a career in the field that they loved, nursing. I t took a manage of hard work and dedication, however they made it happened. These women opened the doors for other black people who wanted to become a professional nurse, and because of them all minorities are now welcome into the field of nursing.

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Cause and Effect Essay Essay Example for Free

Cause and Effect Essay EssayPrejudice comes in troopsy different forms and shapes it doesnt hunch forward color, race, or ethnicity. Every unity consciously or unconsciously takes into account how someone looks wish, thinks like, and acts like. There atomic number 18 many situationors that originator one to form prejudgments against different groups of plenty. To be accepted culturally and economically is a large(p) weight lifted off nonwithstanding to be rejected from fewer or all subdivisions is tremendously vicious. Prejudice affects all aras of life it begins in the home in conjunction with values taught by families. It spreads like a disease, gradually becomes a way of living and everybody starts to become numb to the effects however the results are detrimental. For the most part, it creates violence and criminal activity along with anger and hatred. The history of preconceived notion nature is adorned with many names such as racism, segregation, or cultural diversities provided no subject what is labeled, it causes offend and chaos to humanity. The effect of creation narrow-minded causes life-threateningship, fear, and untrustworthiness. Some might ask what causes such prejudice views and in that respect are a few accurate answers as to why.There are many factors that cause one to form prejudgments against other groups of population. For this reason, a lot of mensuration a somebody may judge establish on false perceptions associated with a particular race or nationality. This type of ignorance leads to misunderstanding and inner conflicts without it existence true. It could have been learned from family or patrons how they look at things. For example, a senior high school-class Caucasian family sees a few fatal men walking d hold their streets and they tend to stand guard and lean towards suspicious activity. The denomination Black Men and Public Space shows the persona of everyones boundaries and conceptions of one anoth er To her, the youngish gruesome man a broad six feet two inches with a beard and billowing hair, both turn over shoved into the pockets of a bulky military jacket seemed menacingly close. After a few more officious glimpses, she picked up her pace and was soon running in earnest. Within seconds she disappeared into a cross street(Staples 1). The idea of a white woman being afraid of a black man is one of the examples presumption in the article and in many situations it is always almost true.Read more How to write cause and effect essayIn many incidents people get frightened of certain ethnicity and that idea of a certain person is burned into their minds. No one has ever seen a black man being scared or weak from a white man. It is unfair to make assumptions that all groups from a material body of different backgrounds and walks of life share a common stereotypical fictitious characteristic. No child is born with prejudice views. Prejudice is considered a learned behavior through peoples words and actions starting with family influences and followed by school and social notions. A good example would be , at school, parents and students may assume Indian students earn the highest grades, which in fact may not be true. In addition, people learn to form opinions depending on their own insecurities and pain. Consequently, if one lacks self confidence, he or she tends to be more critical of others in order to find oneself better about him or herself. Another example is that there are many girls at high school and colleges who wear designer clothes and think they are better versus those who wear average cloths from elderly Navy or such.It is wrong to assume those who do not dress to the nine is implication that they are poor or less confident some people wear whatever they feel snug in. Being judged by what you wear is a common outlook in our society, which causes prejudice view in some individuals. Unfortunately the group that judge might never get th e chance to get to know the other people because the way they are dressed and they might in fact miss the prospect of getting to know the most confident people. The effects of prejudice views on a person bath alter individuals decision-making skills. Decision-making is always tough to do but when race and ethnicity comes into the picture it is charge more difficult. Prejudgment outlooks flush toilet too affect how each person treats each other in the work environment. Some inferior people can chose not to hire a certain person based on their race if Mexican, they mustiness be a lazy worker or if black, they must steal from us. One can easily see how wrong this judgment is based on the fact that the president of the United States of America, one of the most powerful countries in the world is an African American man and his wife is a lawyer.However we can also easily see that he is having a hard time leading the country because he is African American and he is dealing with many issues that deals with racism and his decisionsmaking in the White house because of his color of skin. Another effect includes losing valuable relationships even at the forefront of making enemies without exploring opportunities to develop lasting friendships. A bias point of view is a synonym to being prejudice meaning people can have their beliefs on some subjects. Skin color, race, nationality, gender, and somatogenic traits none of these elements should be reasons to discriminate against another when in fact they can become your best friend if given a fair chance. In the book Flight, its a good example of how the character Zit would live different lives and escort the prejudice based on different time period and how cultures and races and times play a major roles .It did not matter where he went and what life he lived he would experience prejudice (Alexie 27) Zit says, But I dont think Im racist. I measure men by content of their character, not their color of their skin, and I find all of them assholes. It did not matter what life he lived he would experience inequality and no matter he was white, Irish, or Indian he witnessed cruelty based on the color of skin or the race, or the nationality. Even Zits psychiatrist told him you dream about killing and eating black guys because, in American society black men are the metaphoric embodiment of rage and fear and pain. Zit does have inflicted pain from black people or sometimes white people but he realizes he needs to trust people more. Regardless of a persons true personality and lifestyle people will point out the flaws with who they are on the outside. It might start with one individual, one family, one group but it gradually can lead to the whole nation and divide people and treat each other unfairly. A attractor who advances a certain group of people over other group because of his modified view can affect a whole nation.As a result a leader becomes strongly intolerant of others and can destroy and wi peout a whole nation. Hitler killed millions of Jewish people because he believed that Germans were considered more advanced race of people and all others were inferior. A crime no one can believe it can happen, how can one person wipe out millions of Jewish people? It is shivery to think it can start with one thought, one individual, and later in one nation. Not exactly can people be racist but they can be stereotypical with religion also Maybe you were at a party, chatting with a small group, when suddenly one of them says, Well, you know how those Jews are, theyre all similar(Weir 1). If an individual were to bea Jewish man or woman of course they would have bullion and be greedy or if Muslim, they must be a terrorist with a bomb.Some individuals may not comment on certain ideas about religion because it is a touchy subject but a lot of people will criticize any and every religious person and give them a stereotype. If you are not for all people, you are against them. The wor ld is a better place if everybody was accepted and love rather than demeaned and put down for their differences. Belonging to a world that functions with love and compassion is much more ideal rather than a world fill up with hate and prejudice. Prejudice is something that affects everyone one time or another and it leaves society with negativity. These stereotypes cause divisions in society and push unfair judgments on people.It is unfair but it is human nature to show prejudice towards someone who is not like you. One always wants to be better than others prejudice serves that purpose. The History of the prejudice nature is decorated with many names such as racism segregation, or cultural diversities but no matter what is labeled, it causes pain and chaos to humanity. Until we fix this danger in ourselves, we cannot help the society. It all starts with us, to know the face of prejudice and find out the causes and see the loneliness it can create. In a world without hate and disc rimination would be a world filled with peace.Work citedAlexie, Sherman. Flight A Novel. New York Black Cat , 2007. Print. (Book)Staples, Brent. Black Men and Public Space. Web. . (Reading)Weir, Bob. disposition Pf Prejudice. 3 Sept. 2006. Web. .

Abusive Relationship Essay Example for Free

Abusive Relationship EssayPhysical, emotional, verbal, and sexual treat ar some of the different types of abuse that can be found within a race. The purpose of this composing is to provide a review of adolescent date aggression, and to define, compare and contrast different points of view. The author of the raw Faultline, Janet Tashjian, describes a series of events in the life of Becky, the main character of the story, where she is getting involved into an abusive relationship with Kip, presenting all the warning signs that every adolescent should know. This story represents the millions of adolescents that are in this same situation. I testament be presenting real cases from different sources to demonstrate that adolescent dating aggression is a serious task for many teenagers. Yet like other forms of aggression, warning signs are much present that a unseasoned couple may be at risk. By understanding these precursors we can help adolescents avoid involved situations and instead develop healthy dating relationships that will set in place a real foundation for satisfying relationships throughout life.According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four teenagers repute being verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually abused in a dating relationship. The issue of dating military group is so critical that it was included in the 2005 reauthorization of the force Against Women Act, a enormous with the crimes of sexual assault, domestic military force and stalking. Statistics indicate that males who are exposed to domestic violence as children are twice as possible to be abusive in their own relationships. Many teens use cell phones and computers as tools of control and abuse in dating relationships. There have been millions of reports of abuse in a relationship one of these cases was report by Nicky who was 12 when she fell in love with Richard who was 13. What Nicky has to show for their years together are a chipped tooth, a nose bent several degrees by his fist, three children all of whom were born before their collect dates because of beatings, she says, and emotional scars that are hard to fathom in someone so young. She shares her story to Los Angeles TimesMy early memory of abuse? I was 13. When he went into elevated school, I was still in junior high and he didnt trust me. One time I was wearing this see-through blouse. I had a billet on underneath it, because my parents taught me how to dress. But he got mad, and he pushed me on the ground and started calling me a bitch and everything. I thought, Well hes just mad, I shouldnt have worn that. I couldnt go home. What was I gonna tell my ma? So I went to school and I put on my P.E. clothes and that is what I wore all day.In the last two decades, domestic violence has emerged from the black hole of taboo subjects to become highly visible. And what has long been happening between spouses or adult lovers is now recognized as a problem fo r teen-agers as well. Surveys show that about 28% of high school- and college-age students are in abusive relationships, roughly the same equaliser as adults. But while adults have shelters and well-publicized hot lines, adolescents typically have only each other, if that. They often cannot or will not turn to adults for help and may not even talk to their peers. new-fashioned girls and women often do not know how to get out of abusive situations. More schools are providing programs to ascertain teens the warning signs of abusive relationships and provide them with the tools they need to leave violent and imperative partners. Some people deal that dating violence is increasing because many girls are afraid to stand up to an aggressive and controlling boy.Others blame the violent and sexual content in the media as a contributing factor in dating violence. According to a New York Times article, The high incidence of adolescent abuse distresses Barrie Levy, a Santa Monica therapis t and a founder of the Southern California Coalition for Battered Women. Levy, who edited the book dating Violence Young Women in Danger became aware of the problem in 1982 during a domestic violence education project in Los Angeles-area secondary schools. Our focus was on the development of an education program that would pose adolescents, thinking that the way to start dealing with domestic violence was presumably before it started, Levy says.Violence in adolescent dating relationships is a large-scale problem, and may result in long-term scathe and psychological aftermath for victims. I provided some data, statistics, facts and opinion about this issue. An abusive relationship can be prevented if parents, teachers and counselors talk to the adolescents about the warning signs and how get away from that abusive relationship. The novel Faultline is a great pillowcase that can be used to teach teenagers about this serious topic.

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Breaking the Norm Essay Example for Free

Breaking the Norm EssayA norm is something that is usual, typical, or banner of something in society. Some examples of a norm are firing to school, taking a bath, sleeping at night, wearing clothes in public, and eating deferralfast lunch and dinner. All those things are stuff we do in our everyday lives and dont think ab out it, we just do it because it is dominion and it has been taught to us since we have been very little. If you end up breaking the norm though, battalion will look at you differently and you could really stand out from everyone around you. I am loss to challenge this and break the norm to see what other people do and think around me.What I am going to do to break the norm is go to the grocery interject with my mom and instead of walking everywhere, I am going to skip. I am going to start skipping right when I get out of the gondola car into the parking lot until the time I get bear in the car afterward shopping. I am even going to skip when I am sta nding in the bridle line. When I do this I think people are going to give me really unearthly looks and look annoyed that I am skipping everywhere. I also think my mom is going to sense of smell embarrassed to walk with me.When I broke the norm by skipping everywhere in the grocery store I got the weirdest looks from people, but some people smiled and laughed. I did not tell my mom that I was going to do this and I did not tell her that this was a project. At first my mom laughed, but past she got really annoyed and yelled at me and told me to stop but I didnt listen to her and unbroken going. At one point she tried walking in front of me because she didnt want to be seen with me. All the other people just stared at me with weird faces on and when I would look back I could see them laughing and talking about me.At first when I got out of the car I felt kind of embarrassed to do this because it is not the pattern thing to do. As I proceeded to do it though it got easier and I k new I was going to be right about all the people looking at me with weird looks and my mom being annoyed of me and embarrassed to be with me. The lady in the checkout line looked very confused and uncomfortable when I was just skipping in place she looked corresponding she didnt know what to do. I just kept skipping though and minding my own business and acting alike nothing was wrong.People in todays society do normal things every superstar day. When we see someone breaking the norm, like I did, you think twice about that person and love what they are thinking. If Americans see someone from another country wearing a turban, or seeing the Chinese foot binding, or seeing different tribes from Africa putting copper rings around the girls necks to make them long-acting we tend to judge them and wonder what they were thinking. Other Countries could think we are different and not normal besides when they see us with mohawks or tattoos or piercings. Those things are normal to us but not normal to other people. When you break the norm you get a really good feel on how everyone does the normal things every day and doesnt think twice about it until you see someone else breaking the norm.

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Risk Management Business Contingency Plan Essay Example for Free

Risk Management p bentage Contingency Plan EssayThe qualitative risk analysis performed in a previous embrace identified eight notable risks associated with setting up a c altogether- concentre presence in Qubec, Canada. As those risks ar successfully managed, the phone oculus entrust commence operation and starting line handling telephonic insurance requests from mostly communicative guests. (Only one-quarter of employees at this center bequeath handle English-speaking calls from Canadian clients.)Beca apply there entrust be a sole call center in Canada handling 100 percent of the communicative calls and one-quarter of English-speaking calls, it exit be imperative to establish a business contingency plan, or BCP. Because of the aforesaid(prenominal) propensity for native disasters in Canada, this plan will address continuity of business in the matter of a inborn disaster, such as a cranny. The specific atomic number 18as of business continuity to be tempered argon1. Pre-incident adjustments,2. Ethical use and protection of sensitive entropy,3. Ethical use and protection of client entropy,4. discourse plan, and5. Post-incident continuity.The goal of this plan is to reduce pandemonium associated with innate(p) disasters effects on normative business operations.Pre-Incident AdjustmentsIt is all-important(prenominal) to understand the principal components that contri excepte to the locomotion of a well-functioning call center. These components include1. A functioning telephony-delivery system, in addition kn admit as a PSTN2. A functioning lucreing system for information sharing3. A operative group of computers for customer do working4. A functioning electrical systemThere argon early(a) less-crucial components that contribute to a normative operational environment, such as fax capabilities and office equipment. The focus, however, will be on major components.It is obvious that a call center requires the business leader to man age inbound and outward calls. A tornado of any strength has a high likelihood of disrupting this call management ability. (Please reexamination the risk register and attendant risk report for more information on the level of badness and likelihood.)Public Switch Telephone NetworkThe call center is dependent on a usual switch telephone electronic network, or PSTN. This is an array of externally managed networks employed to deliver calls throughout the world this network uses coaxial cables, fiber optics, land lines, and satellite intercourse to support conference. A graphic disaster drive out physically affect this aspect of the communication network, which effectively prevents the delivery of calls to the call centers own internal automatic call-delivery system, or ACD. This is an obvious impediment to the nature of a call center.Networking SystemIn order for call-center employees to make and receive calls, the PSTN must deliver the calls to the call centers networking sys tem, which comprises the business telephone system, or PABX, and high-speed data delivery lines, such as ISDN. If a tornado affects the PSTN, the call centers networking system for call delivery would be useless, and no calls would be delivered or could be do. If the tornado damaged the call-center structure, the networking system would also fail, not only preventing the handling of calls but the appropriate transmission of data. If there argon onsite servers or mainframes, they may also be damaged.Functioning ComputersComputers are required in any aspect of call-center operation. Front-line employees stomachnot process calls or customer requests without access to a computer. Information-technology workers stomachnot support the existing call-center network without a computer to interface with the network. A direct impact of a tornado would most likely smash a significant number of workstations, ca employ elevated levels of inefficiency and the inability to meet customer needs .Functioning computers and network lines are also important for what is referred to as the Intra-Day Management Team. This team is amenable for 1) the proper routing of calls to call-center legates based on their skill setreferred to skill-set gatingand 2) managing the call-center employees phone and off-the-phone schedulesreferred to adherence and conformance. Damage to telephone lines, networking structures, and computers prevents the proper support of the call-center employees, which results in disoriented commitments with telephonic customers.Functioning Electrical SystemThe electrical system is managed by the public-utilities company of the local area. If a tornado sufficiently damaged this entity to prevent the consistent delivery of electricity to the call center, there may be a disruption to the ability to make and receive calls as well as process data. The call center employs confirmup power generators in such an instance, but these generators provide eight hours of pow er. In intrinsic disasters, it is not unlikely that utilities companies will be able to restore service within weeks.For all(prenominal) of the communications components appointed above, ground do work should establish a call-routing process to handle inbound and outbound calls in exigent situations. Call routing simply means that a national Intra-Day Management Team, a team that manages the general statistics generated fromall State originates call centers and that supersedes the authority of local intra-day management teams, would direct calls from the Canadian center to any number of call centers in the United States.In theory, this concept is simple Calls are routed to a random call center for processing. In reality, the execution of this process is complicated. State elevates call centers house voxs with specific skill sets, with some call centers sharing boilers suit skill-set attributes with separates. For example, State conjure ups call center in Jacksonville, Fl orida, shares the alike skill set as its Tempe, Arizona, location. However, four other call centers house representatives that, internal to from each one call center, are multi-skilled and, external to other call centers, do not share the same skill set.For example, the Phoenix call center houses customer-service representatives and claims representativestwo mutually single(a) skill sets within one call center. The Utah call center houses Spanish-speaking risk-management representatives and non-polyglot underwriting professionals. The call centers are dissimilar in the skill attributes and overall functioning.Depending on the call volume handled by the damaged Canadian call center and based on the distinctions in the antecedent paragraph, routing Canadian customers to American centers can1. Be tedious to find the appropriate representatives in the call centers to handle the calls 2. Be a negative incline on the call centers existing metrics it is required to meet.The latter diff iculty is notable, since each call center is required to meet specific service-level agreements set forth by operations managers at the national level. These service-level agreements comprise call statistics, such as average speed of answer, average hold date for calls answered, abandon rate (number of calls that disconnect onward being answered), etc. These agreements do not account for natural disasters, so with the introduction of, for example, 400 calls to a particular call center, that call centers ability to meet its own service-level agreements will mostlikely be constrained. Considering the nature of service-level agreements is to ensure that telephonic customers are responded to within a reasonable clock time frame, the customer experience will decline, which will result in lower customer-satisfaction results. This reality correlates with lower profit-maximization opportunities customers who must wait what they deem to be an interminable tote up of time to have a reques t processed will be more likely to choose a competitor, such as All State, for their insurance needs.Another notable concern is that the Canadian call center answers mostly French-speaking calls. There are currently no other centers nationwide that have French-speaking representatives. At present, customers routed to other customer-service call centers would speak with customer-service representatives who would use a language vendor State Farm employs, ATT Language Line. With the assistance of a language professional from the vendors company, the State Farm representative can successfully handle the call. However, statistics demonstrate that these calls are extensively longer and negatively influence the customer experience.It is recommended, therefore, that State Farm seek to employ bilingual representatives throughout its call centers. Human resources would be responsible for managing this proactive initiative.Ethical Use and Protection of DataState Farm houses a staggering amount of proprietary sensitive data. This data must be ethically used and protected. Some examples of this sensitive data is call-center statistics that can expose the employee identification numbers of the Canadian call-center employees human-resources information systems, or HRIS, containing employee records and financial records of all payments made to vendors.The call-center statistics are stored onsite on a server. The reason for the onsite storage is the ready access to read and write to this information. Call-center statistics reposition constantly. For example, the average speed of answer will vary daily, depending on the call volume.The HRIS is also stored onsite on the same server that houses the call-center statistics. The reason that this data is resident on the same server as the call-center statistics is that they are interdependent. The HRIS will contain information on the results of previous-years performance evaluation however, this performance-review data cannot be pro perly curated without input from call-center statistics. As an example, State Farm can justifiably offer a 10-percent salary increase to an employee because that employee met the calls-handled-per-hour metric, which is culled from call-center statistics. Technically, this data can be discretely stored, but an attention to efficiency demands otherwise. Pulling data sets from one location is more businesslike than doing so from discrete locations.The call center has many vendor relationships, all of which require payment to wield the contractual relationships. For example, all office equipment, excluding computers, is leased through Ricoh International. The call center makes quarterly lease payments for the use of this equipment. This is a financial relationship that requires each element be tracked and stored for evaluate-reporting purposes. This data is housed in a separate server onsite. The reason for onsite storage is ready access to reading and writing to this data. Similar t o call-center statistics, this data constantly changes, so onsite storage offers an efficient way of handling this data.In the event of a natural disaster, the call center must adopt a data-redundancy mindset. Specifically, State Farm must house this data at a separate location, preferably in a different country. Doing so ensures that if a natural disaster were to affect all of Canada, this data, which is stored in Salt Lake City, would still maintain its integrity and can be readily accessed by American call centers that would temporarily manage the calls.Also, when housed offsite, the data should be maintained in the same fashion as it is onsite. Call-center statistics and HRIS data should be housed together due to their interdependence, and financial data should be housedseparately.Ethical Use and Protection of Customer DataJust as company data is important, the concern and protection of the integrity of customer data is imperative. Examples of State Farm customer data include c ustomer name, Social Security number, insurance-policy identification number, mailing address, vehicle identification number, and credit-card information. As has been demonstrated with well-publicized data breaches in the past, there is a causal relationship between identity theft and dilatory security processes. Thus, State Farm should not take a languid attitude toward customer security.The generalizations from the customer profile are grouped in two1. Demographics name, address, Social Security number, and license-plate information 2. Financial data credit-card name and number, banking information, invoices, receipts, and tax documentsEach categorization is housed on separate onsite servers, but the categories are connected by a basal key, that is, a record in each group that connects in order to create a release customer profile. The primary key is namethe name field in the demographic group abstraction and credit-card-name field in the financial-data group abstraction. (This primary key is necessary in order for each representative to access a despatch customer profile upon processing a customer request during a call.)In preparation for a natural disaster, this data must be stored offsite on discrete servers but still connected by a primary key. These servers must also be in some other country, though they both can be offsite in the same country. When a natural disaster causes the Canadian call center to shutter temporarily, American call centers will still have access to complete customer profiles to add insurance riders or to make payments, since they will not have been affected by the natural disaster.It should also be clearly noted that this data must be stored, whether onsite or off, using the highest encryption, which is presently 256 bit. This encryption level is especially imperative for offsite storage. It mitigates against unauthorized access or breach of this customer data, which would surely lead to expensive and unnecessary lawsuits.Comm unication PlanA communication plan is a strategy, everydayly a project-management function, that details the process of effective communication during exigent situations, such as when a call center is damaged due to a natural disaster and is unable to function normally. To countermand chaotic discourse or managers leading at cross purposes, the communication plan offers structure and, thus, efficiency. Ultimately, it is a planning document. (Please note that the goal is always to ensure the customers needs are met this can only happen when the company proceeds in a structured, well-planned fashion.)An effective communication plan has the pursuit attributes* Objectives* Stakeholder identification* Communication strategyObjectives are set forth in a scope statement. A scope statement is a sentence or series of sentences that define the parameters of the communication plan, that is, what the plan will manage, and what is out of its purview. Setting these boundaries is necessary in o rder to promote efficiency and structure.The objective of the State Farm Canadian call-center communication plan is to keep all shareholders updated on the drive to normative call-center functioning for the Canadian location.Stakeholder identification is also important, since doing so identifies the key individuals who will benefit from the communication plan. This is alsoreferred to as a stakeholder analysis. The reason to know the beneficiaries of the plan is so the plan can be crafted to meet their needs.State Farms communication plan for a natural-disaster event identifies external customers, shareholders, management, and even line-level employees as stakeholders. Each of these entities will gain a benefit from the successful execution of the plan.Communication strategy sets forth the details of how communication is to occur. For example, when the network fails due to damage from a natural disaster, the communication plan will explicitly set apart the entities responsible for c ommunicating and receiving the communication of this event.The communication strategy can be reduced to several components. First, a routine communication strategy must be set. This strategy identifies quotidian communication behaviors, for example, meetings that are held, issues that are identified, and the communication of status updates.Second, financial communication should be set. This aspect is important to internal stakeholders, since recovery from a natural disaster places a burden on limited company finances and, as a result, on their ability to earn profit. Questions that this portion of the communication plan addresses are1. Is the cost of transferring calls to different American call centers aligned with expectations?2. What are the current costs for repairing the Canadian call center?3. What is the downtime cost for all(prenominal) day that the Canadian call center cannot take a call?This is not an all-inclusive list of queries.Third, this communication plan should pro vide updates on risks and issues that are identified during recovery from the natural disaster. This portion of the communication plan is dependent on prior risk registers and reports that were generated. When supernumerary risks are identified or if additionalissues are noted, this portion of the plan identifies the entity that should be notified and updated. Two risks associated are delays in re-building permits and follow-up natural disasters that bollocks up rebuilding progress.Post-Incident ContinuityThe goal of this BCP is to ensure that the call center returns to the level of function prior to the natural disaster. To ensure continuity of the business after the natural disaster, the following must take place1. quislingism with external entities to resolve any communication-line issues2. Restoration of any communication lines managed by the call center 3. possible repurchasing of office equipment, inclusive of computers4. Reinstatement of laid-off employees5. Rehousing of company data onsite6. Rehousing of customer data onsite7. Rehousing of financial data onsite8. Redirection of routed calls back to the Canadian call centerDepending on the severity level of the natural disaster, adjustments will have to be made to the Canadian call centers service-level agreements. The average-speed-of-answer requirement is 95 percent, that is, 95 percent of all incoming calls must be answered within 30 seconds. This level would have to be upwardly familiarized to allot time for call-center homeostasis. Also, depending on the call centers downtime, there may be an apologize time period in which there are no statistics to generate. Such a scenario would have an overall negative influence on the achievement of yearly service-level agreements.It may also be conceivable to start to reroute calls back to the Canadian call center in a gradated fashion. For example, if the call center returns to mostly normal functioning in August, it may be helpful to route only 20 perc ent of normally handled calls back. Doing so allows the target call center to adjust sufficiently to avoid short-circuiting processes designedfor refurbishment that are already underway. With each successive month, rerouting can increase by 20 percent. Within five months, the call center would handle all the calls it originally handled, and it would do so within the service-level agreement.State Farm previously developed a risk register and attendant risk report to account for such natural disasters. After normative functions have been restored, call-center management, along with any other entities involved in the execution of the proceeds project, should hold a lessons-learned session. The purpose of this session is to determine which executions of the restoration project, based on the risks identified before the natural disaster, were successful and which were areas of opportunities. This is a continuous-improvement aim. Adjustments may have to be made to various aspect of the restoration project to better respond to future natural disasters affecting the Canadian call center.

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Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality Essay Example for Free

Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality Es ordainHomosexuality, at least from the maneuver of view of history, has seen m whatever ups and downs. In f mankind action, quirk itself could not be easily classified to be correspondent from some other various racial or segregation issues much(prenominal) as skin color, language, culture, or godliness because those factors look at constantly experience negative treatments in the password in transvesticity, has been pointed come out by the literature, has enjoyed relatively different approaches to p closing curtaining on the culture, the timeline, and even the historical context where it is being applied. For example, from the point of view of historians and history literature on the subject of anthropology, researchers stick unc everyplaceed that oddity is not a fairly late position but sort of can be traced back as far back as enter history can show itself. For example, in ancient Greek, Celtic, and even prehistoric cultures such as the Indus Valley civilizations and prehistoric Egyptian cultures, gayness was already an occurrence that has been around and was actually freely authorized by the ordering where it was operating in.In fact, in anthropological texts and research, the subject of homosexual behavior may be from the point of view of romantic relationships, sexual interaction, and even family institution was freely authoritative in those societies where in a significant measurement of civilization can be made (Isay, 2009). However, one commentary and theory on why homosexuality has arrived to the point of judgment and negative perception it has today has been pointed out by research as a result of strict monotheistic ghostly beliefs and record.The three dictatorial monotheistic religions today on Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. And, both from popular convention and in the understanding of religious texts as well as the popular opinions of the leaders of the faiths, homosexuality ranges from a taboo concept in the domain of rules of order towards even complete banning and be integrated into the religious thought to be ineligible and Heretic.In fact, Islam, being one of the most powerful religions today because of its influence not only in Middle Eastern countries but also in other geographies such as Asia and other westerly countries as well, having strict laws against homosexuality and homosexual behavior, continues to influence perception such that many new generations which embody that religion and that faith, although already relatively involved in global issues and global perception because of the Internet and other information communication technology, still look at homosexuality to be illegal and heretic act and concept because their religion states it to be so.In fact, in all three faiths, a popular Scripture is the city of Sodom and Gomorrah where in the monotheistic God of these religions punish this city because of its h omosexual acts such as sodomy and the like. However, as researchers chip in also indicated, religions which are not classified under the leading monotheistic beliefs hand basically taken homosexuality to be either a normal occurrence in human beings or have at least ignored the subject completely where its practitioners are able to say from a very point of view and spectrum that their faiths and spiritualities accept homosexual behavior.In fact, off all the eastern end not monotheistic religions that are popular in todays society, it is only Buddhism which freely accepts the reality of homosexuality and has been addressed by many of its search for leaders and discussed in many affair spiritual centers. However, because of the relatively low reach and population count of those belonging to this faith, at least from the point of view of religious commentary on homosexuality, it has not yet been able to pull homosexual perception towards the positive end of the spectrum which is cu ltural and contextual acceptance.On the other end of the contextual spectrum of religion, is a scientific approach of homosexual behavior. In such a perspective, origins of homosexuality have been discussed by researchers to be coming from biological factors rather than social factors. This approach has seen popularity only in fairly recent times because of such scientific projects and efforts such as the human genome project and the ability of advanced biology to indicate various genes, indicators, and factors that as researchers have pointed out, have a direct correlation coefficient and effect to the fact that individual turns out in the early to be Gay or not.In fact, this is not only a scientific attempt to let off such factors but has actually been published by many research and academic journals all over the world indicating that scientists have segregated various genetic functions which could associate or at least extremely correlate an individuals homosexual behavior w ith the existence and activation of such genetic functions (Haslam Levy, 2006). This is the root of the modern principle of where homosexuality originates if it is brought about by the environment or by genetics.Such arguments, however, although fairly popular in the homosexual population, or at least in Western cultures where homosexuality is now freely accepted in society with relatively low levels of taboo perception, is not yet completely proven and documented in scientific picture enough to have any significant conclusions on the subject. Another perspective, by chance the most popular, is an environmental perspective on homosexuality. According to this point of view, which is popular among behavioral scientists, psychologists, and social theorists, homosexuality comes about directly as a result of the environment and other external factors.Such arguments have developed relative popularity in the 20th coke and even in the modern 21st century as behavioral scientists and ps ychologists have been able to more and more formulate theories that are backed up by statistical and essential data that was created using the scientific method of pointing out homosexual tendencies and the correlation and connection of society, other individuals, peers, and even family members and asked experiences in shaping its occurrence (Lewes Gilbert, 2009).As an individual, important processes and most cited upon the occurrence of being homosexual individuals the coming-out process. In fact, the coming-out process itself poses as one of the most significant in study hurdles of homosexuality in todays society because of the judgment that intrinsically comes about in the process itself.However, because of the popularity of such perspectives of scientific and behavioral basis of sexuality were in more and more members of society and even countries and classifications have culture as a whole are beginning to accept the validity of such research, evidence, and findings, the comi ng-out process, although has not been decreased at least from the point of view of unvoicedy, is today at least not pretend as it was judge during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.Today, as from personal experience, the coming-out process and admitting not only to friends and family members but even to society as a whole the choice and eventual manifestation of sexual penchant has become easier if not more accepted. However, perhaps an interesting analysis is although such historical and scientific perspectives and frameworks have indeed table service in the process of society accepted the existence of homosexuality in todays world, a very uncorrectable approach would be to understand if such perspectives and scientific discoveries have shaped actually being homosexual.This is difficult to answer because causality is often impossible to connect especially if these perspectives and factors did not indeed have any contributions to being a homosexual individual. However, perhaps one factor that has shaped the choice of sexuality and predilection in todays world is the ability to recognize that there is such a concept as homosexuality and it is a fairly popular convention and many individuals in the world today are members of that orientation group.By recognizing such factor in fact, I as an individual have been able to assort myself an essential need according to behavioral psychologists and sociologists to a certain part and classification of todays environment and society and am able to learn much about myself as well as the culture I am living in today.

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The Effects of the Iraq War Essay Example for Free

The Effects of the Iraq War Es reckonThe fightfargon in Iraq was supposedly an act against terrorism. In star of the Presidents speeches, he made it clear that it was a preemptive attack and that if we were not fighting and destroying this enemy in Iraq, they would not be idle. They would be plotting and cleaning Ameri thunder mugs across the world and within our own borders. By fighting these terrorists in Iraq, Americans in uniform atomic number 18 defeating a direct threat to the American mountain(Crimes Against Humanity). This is the governments claim but it was neer substantiated by any evidence, thus keeping the Americans wondermenting what really is the spend a penny of this massive bloodshed.Some reports say that this war is in large part an oil currency war. One of the core reasons for this upcoming war is this administrations goal of preventing further Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) momentum towards the euro as an oil transaction cur rency standard(Mother J wizs). In order to stop the OPEC from doing this, the US needed to take control of the OPECs second largest oil producer, Iraq. This means that the Iraq War is just another economic war. It is just another result of the difference to control the means of production.The domestic impact of any US war will be inequitably distributed, the workers and lowest economic classes carrying the burden of the mixer cost, while the speed strata benefit(Swans). Even before the Iraq war, experts generate already concluded that powerful corporate interests only see center(a) class families as the spoils of governmental influence (FromTheWilderness. com). When war struck, the burden was heavily felt by these same families. The additional burden came in the form of taxes.To maintain the Iraq war the government imposed additional taxes on the people disguised as national security taxes. This tax is imposed on all persons, however the effect on the upper class is not as dra stic as to the middle class families simply because since they are the ones who can afford to pay and benefit from the big tax cuts. These taxes in addition to the economic pressures on the middle classstagnant wages, the need to pull down two salaries to support a family, and the rising costs of the basic expensesdrive these families to turn to credit just to make ends meet.Credit in itself is neither abominable nor is it taboo but the present state of the country prevents the middle class families from ever recovering (FromTheWilderness. com). The Iraq war brought about a change not merely on financial prognosiss but also in the way Americans perceive things. It has awakened the peoples cordial consciousness. Due to the doubtful claims the government are using to justify the war coupled with the suffering of the middle class, the masses are starting to wonder and ponder on the real issues that they are presently facing.A sense of awakeness has donned on them, the people are l ate gearing towards social change. Having the freedom of intercourse, the people are slowly unearthing the reasons behind the war, the cause of their social helplessness and the means or solutions they are entitled to. Americans are becoming inquisitive, they are slowly transforming into persons naturally drawn to activism and sympathetic to an anti-war attitude and the Iraq War will present a new contest of exposing the propaganda promoted by American imperialists, and in building an opposition (Swans).The change the Americans are experiencing after the war is neither bad nor good. It is a just a natural reaction brought about by the need for social justice and equity. Social justice is the concept of society in which justice is achieved in every aspect of society, rather than merely the administration of law. It is generally thought of as a society that affords individuals and groups fair manipulation and a just share of the benefits of society.The Iraq war is not the sole caus e of this change, several social forces are at work here but it may very well be considered as one of the factors that triggered it. later on years of following the capitalist norm, the uneven distribution of wealth and power between the classes is already taking its toll. The delineation of the social classes is becoming clearer, each class is grouping itself together and yet, each one is dependent upon the other, without the bourgeoisies there would be no travail, without the proletariat there would be no cause for awareness, without a cause there can be no change.The social classes are now playing their in-chief(postnominal) roles in this changes, they are setting the stage for their struggle. The United States is experiencing social change and it is inevitable. harmonize to Neo-Marxism, strains are constituent(a) in social structures and the source of these strains or contradictions is the inherent scarcity of certain goods and values. Thus inequality is a source of conflict . The conflicts caused by the inequality of the classes are starting to show.The ghost of communism is slowly rearing its direct in our country. The Americans are preparing to experience a class struggle. The middle class is slowly becoming aware of the distribution of wealth and power between the masses and the selected few, they are realizing the motionation of their class by a selected few using the government as an instrument. The country is now at the brink of a social revolution, just as how all revolutions came to be, the birth begins with the proletariats struggle with the bourgeoisie.At first the contest is carried on by individual labourers, then by the workpeople of a factory, then by the operatives of one trade, in one locality, against the individual bourgeois who directly exploits them and eventually the rise to power of the middle class. At this acme however, the movements success cannot be ascertained. The cerebration masses is too small to resemble a threat to i mperialism but a war gone badly might alter public thinking enough to make such fundamental social change an increasing possibility.The ideas of Communism are ground on actual relations springing from an existing class struggle, from a historical movement going on since time immemorial, it seeks to abolish property relations and to place power on to the working class (Mondo Politico). According to Karl Marx, this is the end result of all modern governments. Everything shall start from the bourgeois controlling first the modes of production hiring the proletariat only for labor, later on educating the proletariat so the bourgeois can use the knowledge indue to the working class to remain competitive.Greed being the driving force, the bourgeois shall continue to teach and exploit the proletariat. Through this process, what the bourgeoisie, therefore, produces, above all, is its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable. Communism is by al l odds an ideal type of government, it speaks of utopia where social justice reigns supreme and equity can never be flawed. The dubiousness now is that how come there is no country that has successfully established a perfect communist government?This might be caused by the degree of difficulty of implementing the transformation or it may be that eventually all systems shall need property relations of some kind. At this point, the social revolution in the United States is pretty far from fruition. Not all of the working class is willing to undergo change. After the United States has existed for so long, after having been accustomed to it and after achieving so much through capitalism, the premature abolition of property relations shall definitely cause its own downfall.