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'Humanism Research paper '

' humanitarianism is the philosophic subject that emphasizes the dignity and worth of the individual. The edge secular humanitarianism is more or less often utilize to describe a literary and heathen performance that library paste through Florence, Venice, Pisa, Milan, capital of Italy and other Italian cities in the 14th and fifteenth centuries. It complex a revival of paper of the antediluvian patriarch Latin and Greek authors and trying to check up on what they actu ally flirt witht. The duration in which humanitarianism grew was called the Renaissance, which means rebirth. Humanism expressed a confidence in humanitys ability to manage control over nature or to shape clubhouse according to its necessitate and desires. There are many contrasting forms of humanism and it exists in different split of the world.\nThe collection and exposition of classical manuscripts became wide lot, in particular among the nobility and higher(prenominal) clergy. The inve ntion of print with movable fount gave a get on impetus to humanism through spread of editions of the classics (Encarta 1). Although in Italy humanism developed in general in the handle of literature and art, the travail extended into the palm of theology and education, and was a major rudimentary cause of the Reformation. neither religion nor graven image was rejected by humanists. Their destruction was to exact religion as a premier(a) dominating and impeding force in their lives and to establish it as one of some(prenominal)(prenominal) institutions in society (Comptons 2). pietism was seen to have a logical elegant function because it no longer pointed provided toward heaven as mankinds main goal; it opened the possibility of happiness and successfulness on Earth. This military strength toward religion helped render tolerance among humanists. Because they believed in the unity of all rectitude, they regarded diverse phantasmal points of view as expression s of that one truth (Comptons 2). It took several centuries of conflict and drift before the idea of general ghostly tolerance became astray accepted. By the juvenile fourteenth century, the enclosure studia humanitatis (humanistic studies) had come to mean a distinct cycle of education, including the study of rhetoric, poetry, grammar, moral philosophy, and history.\n bingle of the most influential scholars in the nurture of humanism in France was the Dutch churchman Desiderius Erasmus. He overly played an principal(prenominal) part in introducing the humanism movement into England (Encarta 1). From the universities in England, humanism also spread throughout English...If you requirement to get a full essay, identify it on our website:

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